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Developing coaching skills in the workplace has become increasingly important because:

› Old styles don’t work with the new generation
› Organisations are calling on people to deliver more with less resources, and they need to tap the potential of people (rather than stifle it)
› Managers have great technical skills but are lacking in the people skills and this can lead to an increase in bullying and complaints
› There are way too many people walk around saying “what can’t be done” rather that “what’s possible”
› We spend all our time at work, why not have a workplace that we actually enjoy!

“We’ve had the GFC, we’ve got too many managers without strong people skills, we’ve got large companies going out of business, baby boomers retiring from the workplace in their thousands when they could be coaching and mentoring and a misunderstood Y-generation!

So never has there been a time in corporate history when the need has been so important, to take responsibility and accountability for our actions; to think about ourselves and how we show up and how we go about getting our results; to lead people rather than manage them.”